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T ell us about your firm’s mission and the steps your firm takes to achieve this. Mission Statement – How do we plan to achieve our Vision? By delivering "Ethical", Quality in Education, Professional Development and Sustainability Services to lead the Further Education Industry in the provision of Specific Industry, CMMI and ISO Training and Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability through adding value through assessing the capability and maturity of both the business professional and their organisations. ACI Global will provide its customers a smarter and more cost-effective alternative to traditional Certification and Accreditation services by delivering professional leadership development and verification of competence thereby creating Accelerating Continuous Improvement (ACI) for Business Professionals and their Organisations. We are further Committed through the delivery of our services through the maintenance of a zero debt to equity ratio to ensure continuity planning and ongoing support for all resources including employees, learners, mentors, stakeholders and sponsoring organisations. Our Motto – “Quality is Contagious” For "Quality to be Contagious" some key outcomes need to be achieved: Ethics; Leadership; Passion; Enthusiasm; Embracing "Quality" in everything we do; Accelerating Continuous Improvement through; Optimizing and Change Management. Vision Statement – How do we aim to achieve our Mission? ACI Global aims to create a practical and sustainable balance in the pursuit of delivering "Ethical" Quality in Industry Education through the delivery of Professional Leadership Development for Personnel and Organisations by identifying both Employee and Organisational needs and understanding of Culture and Value by providing specific Industry, CMMI and ISO training so as to drive Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. The Acceleration and Continuous improvement of People, their Culture and Values through ongoing verification of competency and Sustainability Services will enhance both employee satisfaction and economic viability for both Business Professionals and their Organisations.

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ACI GLOBAL (PTY) LTD brief overview of the company, their clients and the services they offer. Providing Accelerating Continuous Improvement (ACI) for people, process, and technology, optimizing key organizational capabilities, maturity, Cybermaturity, resilience and data assets through the use of owned and understood governance to elevate Business Performance and Governance. Services - ACI Global provides an extensive range of Career Choices ranging from CMMI® Products, Learning and Appraisal Services, ISO Training, Coaching, Consulting and ongoing professional development courses aimed solely at adding value to your business by building a sound and agile team engaged, aligned and given direction within the business operational architecture. Courses - All courses are designed by either CMMI®, Industry and or ISO Standards subject matter experts and reflect the specific Organisations strategic plans and Nations Statutory and or Regulatory requirements. Peer Review - Business Professionals are peer reviewed at all Critical stages of their learning culminating in an Observation event at the end of their course of learning so as to achieve and maintain CMMI® Certification or ISO Personal Certification and Organisations are provided annual business reviews so as to achieve and maintain "Quality Organisation" Sustainability. Personal Certification - ACI Global ISO Personal Certification is a formal recognition that the candidate and their Organisation have demonstrated their Competency through a specific body of Industry or ISO standards knowledge validated by the Candidates Nominated Organisation achieving either Industry or ISO Business Systems Sustainability and or ISO Certification and Accreditation through third party accreditation.
How does it feel to have won your award? What do you believe are the reasons behind your success? Somewhat surprised but humble and see it as a great opportunity to further enhance our future strategic direction.
What differentiates your firm from your competitors and marks you out as the best possible option for your clients?  Our Hierarchy of senior managers all having individual skills Sets Founding member of the Global Reporting Initiative In step with ISO 26000 as an organisation Pioneered the introduction of Corporate Governance into all Key Learning and Training Products Industry Leadership by embracing both CMMI and ISO products The ACI Global Learning model is based on a simple and cost effective process to learning and Professional Development for Educational Organisations based on the following principles: Business Ethics: Our courses are based on Business Best Practice Principles "Objective, Measurement, Optimization, Strategy, Performance and Evaluation" supported by current CMMI and or International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards ISO 9001:2015 for example and as such we do not build into the price of our course/s or incur unnecessary barriers for the candidate by having our courses unnecessarily certified by Third Party Bodies; Transparency: A full and detailed overview of each course is provided before your purchase. Upon successful completion, trainees also receive a Diploma and full learning outcomes transcript at the completion of all courses including a three (3) year Continuous Professional Development Guarantee; Process Approach: All CMMI or ISO courses are not only based on CMMI or ISO Standards they involve full participation of an Organisation Business Model embracing the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) approach and understanding a Business Framework of accelerating continuous improvement through optimization performance and evaluation; Values: Each candidate is offered a comprehensive 3 year "Continuous Professional Development Guarantee" for all courses. We follow-up with you with our Accelerating Continuous Improvement (ACI) Program and ensure your organisation is sustainable; Culture and Sustainability: All courses embrace Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability throughout. We embrace both the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) and ISO 26000 Social Responsibility guidelines; Outcome Based: All courses, upon successful completion, award the trainee a Diploma and/or Certificate of Competence. Each course is accredited against the organisations certified systems and processes, together with a Lead Appraiser or Mentor/s experience to further develop the candidate and organisational Capability, Maturity and Sustainability.
Please tell me about the trends you are seeing in your industry currently. Are there any key developments specific to Australia and how has your firm adapted around these? Technology and ensuring Industry Skilled Experts are able to go into an organisation under a highly recognizable and trusted brand such as ACI Global and CMMI to offer a complete end to end service. Our Industry Experts all Business owners include: Ian Erskine Managing Director and CEO ACI Global Pty Ltd: Ian is an experienced senior executive with over thirty five years of executive management experience highlighted with outstanding successes in business development and creating overachievers within the workplace, specialising in professional development through training of personnel to achieve high achiever status . He also provides specialist advice, analysis, planning and implementation of unique tools designed to significantly lift the growth and profitability of medium to large enterprises As CMMI Partner Business Point of Contact for ACI Global Ian draws upon a very extensive network to add to his experience at driving CMMI awareness throughout the Australasian region in line with his success with GRI Marcus Batten Managing Director MI&MJ Batten Group of Companies: Frank Malkoun Managing Director Lamrak Safety Advisory Services: Mark Hammond Director & Principal Consultant RISKU Nevine Iskandar Managing Director E2ITSM Consultancy Pty Ltd: Nevine is an accomplished ITSM Transformation consultant with over 26 years experience within the IT industry and a further 8 years experience in logistics. One of Nevine’s strengths and unique characteristics is her broad expert level knowledge of, and hands-on experience in several IT Service Management (ITSM) and quality management best practices for service and capability improvement such as ISO 9001, ITIL, and CMMI in both a traditional context as well as Agile. In addition to her long experience working within application development and management, Nevine has also assisted managed service organisations improve their capabilities and processes. As an experienced consultant, and business owner, Nevine has an entrepreneurial mind, and a great ability to capitalize on her diverse background and knowledge to develop hybrid service and capability improvement solutions that are pragmatic, cost effective, and value adding. Nevine has conducted several ITIL Service Management and ICTIM assessments in Asia Pacific and participated in several CMMI appraisals in Australia/, New Zealand, North America, and China. She is a change agent who led and assisted several organisations implement service, quality and capability improvement initiatives. In addition to her consulting capabilities, Nevine is a very passionate instructor certified to deliver several levels of ITIL training including ITIL 4 Foundation, CMMI v1.3 & v2.0, and the Certified Agile Service Manager training. She facilitates several DevOps, Agile, ITSM and project management simulation games. In addition to her MBA, Nevine is a certified ITIL & CMMI Expert, Process Design Engineer (CPDE), CASM, an ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant. Nevine is a trusted Service Management Advisor known to make things happen. Nevine this needs to be condensed to 100 words please Protech Yolanda Roetz
How does your firm use technology to ensure that it stays ahead of emerging developments and operate as effectively and efficiently as possible?  Secure Online Learning Management System (LMS) Content Management System (CMS) and SCORM Compliant Platform supported by secure data base. Secure Online Portal access to the latest standards, industry updates, news and mentoring services and in full conformance with all applicable Privacy Laws with ACI Global's 3 year Continuous Professional Development (CPD) agreement; Learning and training delivered by an CMMI or ISO training and personal certification provider with no hidden costs passed on by unnecessary involvement of Third Parties; Learning and Training delivered online or inhouse: No time limits set to complete your course You learn at your own pace with the involvement of a known organisation; You have your own experienced CMMI or ISO Triple Certificated Business Best Practice Observed and Witnessed Facilitator and Mentor having a minimum of 20 years Business Experience within the field of study; All learning materials including CMMI or ISO standards are included at no additional fee: Full access to comprehensive online library and support materials. Certificate of Competence and Diploma issued upon successful completion of Learning and the Participating Organisation receives a Certificate of Sustainability verifying the Candidates Learning and Professional Development.
What are the main benefits to being based in Australia, in your opinion? Are there any benefits specific to your town or city? Gateway to Australasia for countries such as New Zealand Singapore Philippines Having a secure online platform allows entry to the World for all our products (to be expanded upon)
What is the internal culture in your firm? How do you ensure that all of your staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to your clients? All are aware of ACI Global's position as a founding member of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in Australasia and further ACI Global’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility through guidance from ISO 26000:2010 coupled with our annual CSR Report found on our website (to be expanded)
With this in mind, what is your approach to hiring new staff? How do you attract the very best talent in the industry to your firm?  Position with likeminded experienced ethical people in a wide and diverse field
What does the future have in store for your firm? Do you have any future plans or projects you would like to share with us? Bring CMMI to Australia by holding a major CMMI Event in Sydney
Within the wider Australian corporate landscape, what developments do you foresee and how will your firm adapt around these?  Greater emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility The adoption of CMMI Products
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